Ripple - hey lady

Red foxes are usually together in pairs or small groups consisting of families, such as a mated pair and their young, or a male with several females having kinship ties. The young of the mated pair remain with their parents to assist in caring for new kits. [8] The species primarily feeds on small rodents, though it may also target rabbits , game birds , reptiles , invertebrates [6] and young ungulates . [6] Fruit and vegetable matter is also eaten sometimes. [9] Although the red fox tends to kill smaller predators, including other fox species, it is vulnerable to attack from larger predators, such as wolves , coyotes , golden jackals and medium- and large-sized felines . [10]

Using aran weight yarn and mm needles (this gives a really tight neat finish, perfect for gloves so the wind can’t get in), I used around 250 yards of yarn

Ripple - Hey LadyRipple - Hey LadyRipple - Hey LadyRipple - Hey Lady