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The Hallé’s Education Programme exists to create a wider enjoyment and understanding of music in all sectors of the community, ...

Significant quantities of cotton began to be used after about 1600, firstly in linen/cotton fustians , but by around 1750 pure cotton fabrics were being produced and cotton had overtaken wool in importance. [19] The Irwell and Mersey were made navigable by 1736, opening a route from Manchester to the sea docks on the Mersey. The Bridgewater Canal , Britain's first wholly artificial waterway, was opened in 1761, bringing coal from mines at Worsley to central Manchester. The canal was extended to the Mersey at Runcorn by 1776. The combination of competition and improved efficiency halved the cost of coal and halved the transport cost of raw cotton. [19] [22] Manchester became the dominant marketplace for textiles produced in the surrounding towns. [19] A commodities exchange , opened in 1729, [20] and numerous large warehouses, aided commerce. In 1780, Richard Arkwright began construction of Manchester's first cotton mill. [20] [22] In the early 1800s, John Dalton formulated his atomic theory in Manchester.

Manchester 's symphony orchestra since 1858 founded by Sir Charles Hallé. Music Director Sir Mark Elder. Based at The Bridgewater Hall.

£25 EXCLUSIVE TICKET OFFER - The Hallé Orchestra and conductor Stephen Bell invite you to an evening showcasing the very Best of the West End in Manchester’s stunning Bridgewater Hall.

The Manchester Symphony Orchestra and Chorale is a nonprofit volunteer organization that brings quality orchestral and choral music to the community, provides performance opportunities for its members, and provides education and performance opportunities for young musicians in partnership with Manchester schools and other Connecticut schools and colleges.

Manchester Music Festival artistic director Adam Neiman performing Franz Liszt: Transcendental Etude No. 10 in F Minor at the Smithsonian, April 2009.

A teller of stories and an interpreter of song, Ferraro has a powerfully dynamic vocal range. The warmth of her voice and radiant smile, along with a rich sense of humor keep her audiences enthralled. Her latest jazz recording,  “Serenading The Moon,” climbed the Billboard Jazz charts and is a collaboration with some of the […]

Manchester Orchestra - The OceanManchester Orchestra - The OceanManchester Orchestra - The OceanManchester Orchestra - The Ocean