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July was appointed CEO of Coal South Africa in September 2016. Prior to that, he held the position of Executive Head of Processing at Anglo American Platinum and was employed by Anglo American subsidiaries in Zimbabwe, where he held senior managerial positions in metallurgical operations and technical services.

The spears themselves consisted of an iron spearhead mounted on a wooden shaft, often made of ash wood, although shafts of hazel, apple, oak, and maple wood have been found. [13] There is little evidence as to the ordinary length of these spears, although estimates based on grave goods indicate that their length ranged from to metres (5 ft 3 in–9 ft 3 in). [16] The end of the spear was sometimes protected with an iron ferrule, forming a hollow (or, less commonly, solid) cone which fitted over the shaft. [17] However, there was much diversity in the sizes and shapes of spearheads. [18] J. M. Swanton categorized these variations into four main groups, each with its own sub-groups. [19] Such spearheads were sometimes decorated, with bronze and silver inlay placed on the blade and socket; in such instances, a simple ring-and-dot motif was most common. [20] Occasionally, the ferrule was decorated to match the spearhead. [16] It is possible that the shafts were also decorated, perhaps by being painted. Evidence for decorated shafts has been found in Danish contexts. [21]

Gold and copper producer in Azerbaijan. Anglo Asian Mining PLC is an AIM quoted (ticker – AAZ) company with a portfolio of gold, copper and silver production and ...

The Society also publishes the Anglo-Norse Review, twice a year and this is circulated to members of both the London and Oslo societies.

Given the Directors’ collective experience in the region, plantations and in making investments in Africa, they feel that they can take advantage of the opportunity that exists and create a profitable and sustainable trading business.

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Now John was young and gay and free
And mainly proper in demeanor,
But lackaday, one fault had he—
He would play on the concertina.

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