Potter and tillman - ...space...rapture

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Dorek , Tedorik , Tolek , Teodorek , Teos (Polish) Theodoor (Dutch) Thao , Theodosios (Greek) Theodrekr (Norwegian) Tewdwr , Tudor (Welsh) Teodor , Tedik , Bohdan , Teodus (Czech) Tewdor , Theodor (German) Todor , Feodor , Fyodor , Fedir , Feodore , Fedor , Todos , Fedinka , Fedar , Fedya (Russian) Tivadar (Hungarian) Teodoro , Teodomiro (Spanish) Teodosio (Italian) Teadoir (Gaelic) Théodore (French)

Although portamento (in the sense of slurring) continued to be widely used in popular music, it was disapproved of for operatic singing by many critics in the 1920s and 1930s as a sign of either poor technique, or of bad taste, a mark of cheap sentimentalism or showiness. [9] This is not valid criticism of a performer when portamento is explicitly specified in the score or is otherwise appropriate. However, when there is no such specification, the singer is expected to be able to move crisply from note to note without any slurring or "scooping". [10]

Harvey Weinstein and Donna Karan arrive at the premiere of 'The Hunting Party' on Aug. 22, 2007.   (Photo: Rick Maiman, AP)

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Potter And Tillman - ...Space...RapturePotter And Tillman - ...Space...RapturePotter And Tillman - ...Space...RapturePotter And Tillman - ...Space...Rapture