Ant to be - from dusty box ep

While Tambor won’t return to Transparent , he’s likely still a part of Arrested Development’s upcoming fifth season on Netflix, which has reportedly wrapped production. It remains to be seen how these allegations will affect any of Tambor’s other projects, but it seems highly unlikely this is the last high profile case of sexual harassment in Hollywood we’re going to hear about.

I fail to see how Kino is greedy. Kino's dreams of rifles and new clothes were for his family. He wanted a rifle and a harpoon so that he could obtain food for his family. He wanted new clothes so that his family would be accepted by society. Most of all, he wanted Coyotito to get an education so that Kino and his people would learn the truth- how they've been lied to by the colonists. If Coyotito got an education, he would be able to see how wrong everything was, and through him, Kino.

There goes the Sunday roast, a house to live in, the car, the occasional hamburger and generally, life on earth as we know it. But what Strong didn’t tell the delegates was that he was involved in the purchase of the Colorado Land and Cattle Company, which he bought from Adnan Khashoggi, an arms dealer who had strong connections with the Bin Laden family.

The main thought behind this invention is, that instead of a single large opening there would be many small suction areas through many tubes. Through these the suction would be optimally distributed. Very small, fine areas could be cleaned and small parts and objects would not get lost.

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Ant To Be - From Dusty Box EPAnt To Be - From Dusty Box EPAnt To Be - From Dusty Box EPAnt To Be - From Dusty Box EP