Gerry mulligan and his sextet gerry mulligan sextet featuring jim hall - complete studio recordings

In 1966, Baker was savagely beaten (allegedly while attempting to buy drugs) after a gig in The Trident restaurant in Sausalito, California , sustaining severe cuts on the lips and supposedly broken front teeth, which ruined his embouchure . He stated in the film Let's Get Lost that an acquaintance attempted to rob him one night but backed off, only to return the next night with a group of several men who chased him. He entered a car and became surrounded. Instead of rescuing him, the people inside the car pushed him back out onto the street, where the chase by his attackers continued, and subsequently he was beaten to the point that his teeth, never in good condition to begin with, were knocked out, leaving him without the ability to play his trumpet. He took odd jobs, among them pumping gas. In a 1980 interview he stated that he worked for a long time at a gas station, working 7 am to 11 pm until he came to the conclusion that he needed to find a way to return to his music. [14] Meanwhile, he was fitted for dentures and worked on his embouchure. Three months later he got a gig in New York City . [ citation needed ] In Chet Baker, his life and music , biographer Jeroen de Valk writes that Baker only lost one part of one tooth at the aforementioned fight, kept on performing for a while - 'and initially not badly at all', until he was fitted with dentures a few years later.

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On April 17, 1777, the Committee of Secret Correspondence was renamed the Committee of Foreign Affairs but kept with its intelligence function. Matters of diplomacy were conducted by other committees or by the Congress as a whole. On January 10, 1781, the Department of Foreign Affairs —the forerunner of the Department of State —was created and tasked with "obtaining the most extensive and useful information relative to foreign affairs", the head of which was empowered to correspond "with all other persons from whom he may expect to receive useful information."

Mulligan continued to lead small, medium-sized and large bands, all of which evolved from the pianoless quartet idea. “I’ll always think as an arranger,” Mulligan explained, “each band represents another writing approach.” In 1960, Mulligan formed the first Concert Jazz Band. The band appeared at the Village Vanguard in New York and featured the pianoless rhythm section, five reeds, including Gerry, and six brass. Gerry toured North America and Europe with the band and recorded five albums for Norman Granz’s Verve Records.

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Red Mitchell was dedicated to music and communication. His personality and his playing were often described as being larger than life. Jim Hall said, "Red played the most gorgeous melodic solos of anybody on any instrument, I think maybe he and Lester Young were in the same league. The fact that it was coming out of a string bass was mind-boggling." And the classical bass soloist, Gary Karr, said, "I have always judged talent, whether its jazz or classical, on the sound a person produces because the sound is your signature. I think Red's signature was sure genius."

McGivern’s true blue friends were unaware he was a Provo gunman at the same time his republican cohorts murdered the party’s MP Ian Gow in a car bomb blast at his home in Eastbourne on the south coast.

Gerry Mulligan And His Sextet Gerry Mulligan Sextet Featuring Jim Hall - Complete Studio RecordingsGerry Mulligan And His Sextet Gerry Mulligan Sextet Featuring Jim Hall - Complete Studio RecordingsGerry Mulligan And His Sextet Gerry Mulligan Sextet Featuring Jim Hall - Complete Studio RecordingsGerry Mulligan And His Sextet Gerry Mulligan Sextet Featuring Jim Hall - Complete Studio Recordings