Oneohtrix point never - fact mix 162

Giorgio Moroder – ‘Cacophony’
Bernard Szajner – ‘Welcome (To Death Row)’
Alan Parker – ‘Synchrotech’
Abigail Mead – ‘Ruins’
Brad Fiedel – ‘Tunnel Chase’
Daft Punk – ‘Television Rules The Nation’
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – ‘Requiem’
Dopplereffekt – ‘Z Boson’
Howard Shore – ’01 – 9PM’
Harold Faltermeyer – ‘Main Title, Fight Escape’
Giorgio Moroder – ‘Chase’
Sick Le Lapin – ‘Flashcore Mix’
Heldon – ‘Le Retour Des Soucoupes Volantes’
Lewis – ‘Like To See You Again’ (OPN Remix)
John Abercrombie – ‘Timeless’
Steve Hillage – ‘Palm Trees (Love Guitar)’

Important stuff ahead.
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Before became an A-lister, she was found in this pop song's video in 1993. Thank you Ms. Jackson for introducing the world to the amazing Jenny from the block!

Though both project were originally known for their singular approach, this year has found them more collaborative than ever. Butler and his partner Tendai Maraire mixed artists from their local scene with big names including Thundercat and Julian Casablancas on both albums, while Lopatin has produced for Iggy Pop and FKA twigs and is working on David Byrne’s comeback album .

On November 16th, 2017, Lopatin and Park Avenue Armory announced 'myRiad', an expansive conceptual live project dubbed a 'concertscape' and 'four-part epochal song cycle ' by the press release on the institution's website. The project is due to be premiered both at the Park Avenue Armory and the Red Bull Music Festival in May 2018. [43]

In January 2004, Warp launched an online digital music and entertainment store, , notable for being the first store in the world to completely avoid all digital rights management features in the downloadable tracks, unlike other music stores such as iTunes and Rhapsody . [9] Warpmart has now been absorbed into . Today Bleep sells a carefully curated selection of music from a diverse range of labels. The site has also released its own limited edition LPs The Green Series, and an annual digital release comprising the Top 100 tracks of each year.

From Tame Impala to Frank Ocean to the Caretaker to Beach House to Kurt Vile and lots more, our picks for the best albums of the last five years.

The score ends with “ The Pure and the Damned ,” a ballad featuring Iggy Pop that’s unlike anything Lopatin’s produced before (save for an alternate take of the 2010 track “ Returnal ” with Anohni and Fennesz). In the film, the song plays during the closing credits, which roll not over a black screen but over the story’s ambiguous epilogue. Pop’s lyrics paint a strange heaven, a place where the skies are frozen blue and you can “pet the crocodiles.” “I ain’t going to get there, but it’s a nice dream,” he says between verses. “It’s a nice dream.” He’s accompanied by little more than a piano, a few distant beats, and some muted synth pads. Singing in an alien setting, he sounds like he’s struggling to get the notes out. His vibrato snags here and there, his tone eroded by time. A broken song closes a broken story. Like the best of OPN’s work—and the best soundtrack work in general—the track is heavy with affect without ever telling its listeners exactly how to feel. Good Time invites emotional confusion along multiple vectors. Lopatin’s score opens fissures that let its beauty and ambivalences burrow deep under your skin.

Oneohtrix Point Never - FACT Mix 162Oneohtrix Point Never - FACT Mix 162Oneohtrix Point Never - FACT Mix 162Oneohtrix Point Never - FACT Mix 162