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She lives on a large parcel of land in Washington state and enjoys cooking and has recently written a cook book. This book is called ‘ Recipes For Life ‘. She admits that her many procedures were a result of trying to look as young as her boyfriend musician, Tani .

Sela Ann Ward is an American actress, author, producer and spokesperson, perhaps best known for her television roles as Teddy Reed on the American TV series Sisters and as Lily Manning on Once and Again.

A series of workshops in a huge variety of topics, divided among four sections: arts & crafts; food; health and lifestyle; and know-how.

I am 63 and have no crows feet and few wrinkles, I have some smile lines and my hair is grey. I don’t color it, because it came in silver and goes well with my skin tone. I don’t want to look 30 anymore, I just want to look my best for my age. I’m lucky I was never a smoker or a drinker, these were good choices, but my parents set an example. I had a nose job at age 16, that was my limit for plastic surgery. The best way to have good skin, and good muscle tone is to have had good genes, beyond that, it is a healthy diet, a reasonable amount of exercise, and staying out of the sun… I love to sail, but I wear tons of sun block. There are no substitutes for a healthy life style. An expensive gym memberships is not important, put on good shoes and go for a walk…jumping rope is very cheap…and jumping jacks and stretching just takes up a small space in your home. It’s time for the ageism to stop and it is time that we accept ourselves and take responsibilities for our own lives, instead of spending money to have ourselves patched up or fixed.

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