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This shouldn’t come as a surprise. If humans didn’t have an inclination towards supporting each other, then we wouldn’t have a sophisticated society to begin with.

Certain places feature prominently in the Marvel Universe, some real-life, others fictional and unique to the setting; fictional places may appear in conjunction with, or even within, real-world locales. A majority of dystopian cities have been used for their characters since the creation of Marvel Comics in the Marvel Universe.

The psychopathic detective weaves and swerves in and out of traffic and track/girder supports at top speed through the streets of New York below the scaffolding of the elevated subway, barely missing a mother and baby carriage at one point. He bangs his fists on the steering wheel, angered at the delays and frustrations.

Through 1976, an estimated 200 Blaxploitation feature films were produced with the range of stories as varied as mainstream action films. However, action, gratuitous violence, and guns were the underlying element in all of them and most used a black versus white dichotomy as the defining element. Every available genre was plundered in an attempt to re-hash old movie plots and ideas.

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Energy Syndicate - Ghetto Funk