Jöte gubien - nullriot.

First solo mix by Severin, co-founder of the extraordinary brand Petrola 80. Promise you will not be bored (hopefully :-)) So turn up the volume, as all of the levels are not that well adjusted. Also, check out all the great labels inside the mix for more psycho sounds. So let's roll - and let's be careful out there! and remember to have fun. and dont let fear turn into hate y'all :-) tracklist: Lyra - Bassinprøven (forthcoming Petrola 80) Minais B - tråde (forthcoming Blodrøde Floder) Jöte Gubien - Stammhalter Kei Bixn (Flop Beat Disk) Kazuki Koga - The New Frame ft. Cosi e Cosi (Apothecary Compositions) Tlic - Pullarbear Cause Problem Solve (Minor) Jesse Osborne-Lanthier - Mi©rochipped (Halcyon Veil) Yen Towers - BID l (Bug) (Posh Isolation) DJWWWW - Boring City (Phinery) Saldan - untitled (Idroscalo Dischi) DURKMAN - Part 3 - the laws of god (ØEN REC.) Genoveva DMS - Gold Für Michelle, Silber Für Leonard (Bronze Für Andre Stade Mix) (Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse) - Broadcast Test Transmission 1 (Big Sex) Julien - Baby Angel (Orange Milk) TOUGH! Die Hard Domination Pro (Iron Club Theme) (PRR! PRR!) Bataille Solaire - Lapino Club Mix (Mansions & Millions) DJ Sotofett - So-Phat Riddimix Is Junglized (Hotline Recordings) Severin - 1,5 OBS! demo +4 (maybe forthcoming on Petrola 80, who knows) J-Zbel - Lauren Misogyn (BFDM)