Dommin - love is gone

The two official singles from "Love Is Gone" were "My Heart, Your Hands" and "Tonight." "My Heart, Your Hands" was featured as iTunes 'Song of The Week. [10] The release coincided with the band's first trip to Europe with two back to back tours supporting Lacuna Coil and HIM . Dommin continued supporting HIM through their US tour and returned to Europe to perform at The Rock Am Ring / Rock Im Park festivals in Germany. They also opened the Main Stage on the final day of the Download Festival in the United Kingdom. [11] That summer, Dommin received nominations as Best New Band and Best New International Artist at both of UK's Metal Hammer Awards [12] and Kerrang Awards, [13] respectively. In August, Dommin supported Volbeat [14] and closed out the year supporting The Birthday Massacre and Black Veil Brides.

01. My Heart, Your Hands
02. New
03. Evenfall Hollow
04. Tonight
05. Love is Gone
06. Dark Holiday
07. Without End
08. Within Reach
09. Closure
10. Making the Most
11. One Feeling
12. I Still Lost
13. One Eye Open
14. Honestly
15. Remember

Dommin are a band led by and effectively embodied by the homonymous Kristofer Dommin , a walking, breathing name-and-likeness lawsuit, if ever there were one, due to his clone-like impersonation of Glenn Danzig , from his "Evil Elvis " crooning to the Misfits -patented Devilock hair style he sports. But Dommin 's identity issues don't end there. Although, by and large, the songs included in 2009's Love Is Gone album contain neither the primal horror punk of the Misfits nor the Spartan hard rock of Danzig (the band), token numbers like "My Heart, Your Hands" and the title track boast a post-emo, synth-entangled goth rock style akin to watered-down Type O Negative . What's more, the pilfering of existing musical ideas only gets more egregious as Love Is Gone unfolds: "Closure" emulates the softcore nu metal of Evanescence ; the frankly hilarious "Dark Holiday" essentially rewrites the Munsters theme as cabaret; "Without End" and "I Still Lost" resemble Paradise Lost for wimps; the moody intro piece "Evenfall Hollow" cops from Depeche Mode before setting up "Tonight"'s jaw-dropping marriage of the Cure and Smashing Pumpkins ; and the simply named "New" basically plagiarizes "Superman" by corporate rockers 3 Doors Down , with a dash of guy-liner! And so it goes, unfortunately, as an additional batch of dispiriting electro-goth exercises ("Within Reach," "Honestly") bring us to the tepid balladry of "Remember," all the while dooming Dommin to ever greater iniquity. In all fairness, and not unlike the Strokes , Dommin arguably deliver some catchy, concise, even compelling songs to virgin ears, but the fact that every last note has been ripped off from someone else -- blatantly so -- makes Love Is Gone virtually indigestible to listeners with any knowledge of music history.

Dommin - Love Is GoneDommin - Love Is GoneDommin - Love Is GoneDommin - Love Is Gone