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Objectives SUNNY is to develop and integrate novel and comprehensive solutions for intelligent surveillance of borders (land and sea) for detecting crossing and ...

On June 10, it was announced that Sunny Hill would be making comeback with their third extended play, Young Folk . The title track would be folk music with featured folk musician Hareem. The same day, the group held a showcase announcing their comeback. Sunny Hill official released their third extended play, Young Folk on June 19 and charted high on real-time charts.

QIoT Suite Lite integrates multiple easy-to-use and useful applications for you to quickly build an ideal IoT environment. Versatile protocols (such as MQTT(S), HTTP(S) and CoAP) and dashboards are available for you to integrate development boards and sensors to build a complete IoT ecosystem. If you're new to the immerse IoT domain, the QIoT Suite Lite will be your excellent choice.

The weather is warm, the people are diverse, and outdoor recreation isn’t far. Explore our city through the various links below.

Various - Sunny SummerhitsVarious - Sunny SummerhitsVarious - Sunny SummerhitsVarious - Sunny Summerhits