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It is either glitched, or BioWare massively screwed up. We were told by producer of the expansion that the table is a reward for collecting all datacrons.
Now, sure, have them as drops for extra copies, but players with the Datacron Master achievement should get one of each datacron and the table for free.

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After pretty much playing cat-and-mouse with Apartheid officials (his previous disguises included a fieldworker and a chef), Mandela was finally arrested in 1962, driving an Austin Westminster (above) with his comrade Cecil Williams. He was dressed as a chauffeur, and was on his way to an ANC meeting. 27 years later, Mandela saw free ground again.

“Your Business Assistant gives you all the tools that you need to plug in every single day, month after month. Every single person out there who is serious about winning needs to subscribe to this package, so that we can pour all the positive things into your life that are necessary in order for you to win in ACN.” – ACN President and Co-Founder Greg Provenzano

Facilities to devotees at Subrahmanya:
Accommodation: Temple guest houses are available.
Food: Free Lunch and Dinner is offered to devotees and visitors.
Cloak room facility and banking facility are also available.

The Affordable Care Act, often referred to as “Obamacare,” implements a national ID system disguised within a “data hub,” and a “unique patient identifier” to verify eligibility for health services. Also making its way through Congress, as part of an immigration reform bill, is “E-Verify,” a nationally mandated universal biometric ID, which will be required for federal approval for employment. Concurrently under consideration are similar initiatives to implement enhanced driver’s licenses, enhanced social security cards, and biometric and DNA identification databases.

Daily Plannet - Why You WannaDaily Plannet - Why You WannaDaily Plannet - Why You Wanna