Der don und daniel - live at lala studios

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At the Opening Session of the 2017 ICCJ conference that was held at the Kammerspiele Bonn-Bad Godesberg, Germany some 350 delegates and guests enjoyed a program set on a theater stage.

So I have described it several time, that Microsoft has some rules, which different criteria’s, when a device will receive an update of the Next generation sync client. So it will not use Windows Update nor Windows Update service (WSUS). The biggest advantage for WSUS is, that you only have one download, and then distribute the setup to all clients on your local network.  But this is not true for the NGSC. Each device will go and download the 24,5 MB of the Sync client. But you have to know, that Microsoft has no control of an installed proxy. Therefore I would have another wish, that Microsoft could develop an Update version, which is only a delta of the version, which was installed, means only a Delta of the update will be flow from the internet to each device.

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Der Don und Daniel - Live At Lala StudiosDer Don und Daniel - Live At Lala StudiosDer Don und Daniel - Live At Lala StudiosDer Don und Daniel - Live At Lala Studios