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Board Approves 2017-2018 District Calendar
The Board of Trustees approved the 2017-2018 school calendar at their monthly meeting on February 20.  The Board and administration appreciate the input received from staff, parents and community members to develop the calendar. Click here for a printable PDF file of the 2017-2018 District Calendar.

Hundreds of people were killed in August 2013 after rockets filled with the nerve agent sarin were fired at several suburbs of Damascus . Western powers said it could only have been carried out by Syria's government, but the government blamed rebel forces.

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Most contact between a federal court and prospective juror will be through . mail, and any phone or email contact by court staff will not include requests for sensitive information such as social security numbers or credit card information.   Emails from the court are sent from an email address that contains a “.gov” extension, and not “.com”. 

Eight Green Dot high schools are ranked among the top 10% of schools nationally by  US News & World Report , with four being in the top 5%. 

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BIM Expert responsible for improving current design and construction processes by engaging technologies such as BIM and remote sensing.

4. Things Get Cooking In International Cooking:  The students in Mr s Sanderson’s grade 8 international cooking class had a great week learning how to make crepes! This French classic has seen many forms over the years but the students decided to top theirs with whipped cream and chocolate making a tasty dessert. The end result was delicious. If you have a child in the class, you should really get them to make these for you in the near future.

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  1. Mom and Dad "hanging tough" after 67 years of marriage, and counting!!!  What a great example they are to all!  Love you both!!  All my buddies agree - Dad has throughout his life been one of the hardest working persons I've known - His typical work day FOREVER was 12 to 16 hours, and while I was at home considered 8 hours as a good HALF DAY'S WORK !!!  (And is a good part of why I sell Civil War Relics now and don't FARM !!!).  Those cows were DETERMINED to be milked EVERY MORNING at 5 AM come rain - snow - sleet - sub-zero - or Hell !!!!  (I did develop good work ethic though !!)

    The Middle Eight - Strange LoopThe Middle Eight - Strange LoopThe Middle Eight - Strange LoopThe Middle Eight - Strange Loop