Jack payne and his band - the clouds will soon roll by / underneath the arches

Speaking on his 23rd birthday, Jack added: "Since I was 16 I've done so much growing up my entire world has changed."

Are the songs about your relationship with Lena?
Yeah. It’s the only one that I’m currently available to write about.

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At 19 years old, Jack had landed his first professional gig as the drummer for the Detroit band Goober & the Peas , and was still in that position when the band broke up in 1996. [2] [14] [34] It was in this band that he learned about touring and performing onstage. [14] After the band's split, he settled into working as an upholsterer by day while moonlighting in local bands, as well as performing solo shows. [14] [29] Though a bartender by trade, [35] Meg began to learn to play the drums in 1997 and, according to Jack, "When she started to play drums with me, just on a lark, it felt liberating and refreshing." [3] The couple became a band, calling themselves The White Stripes, [36] and two months later performed their first show at the Gold Dollar in Detroit. [14] [37]

Nimbus Tree project is a musical exploration of songs of perception, duality and the joys of life. The brainchild of pianist  and vocalist Justina Curtis, an exciting musical chameleon most…

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    Jack Payne And His Band - The Clouds Will Soon Roll By / Underneath The ArchesJack Payne And His Band - The Clouds Will Soon Roll By / Underneath The ArchesJack Payne And His Band - The Clouds Will Soon Roll By / Underneath The ArchesJack Payne And His Band - The Clouds Will Soon Roll By / Underneath The Arches