Various - concrete music bloc vol. iv oct. '94

late 14c., "actual, solid," from Latin concretus "condensed, hardened, thick, hard, stiff, curdled, congealed, clotted," figuratively "thick; dim," literally "grown together;" past participle of concrescere "to grow together," from com- "together" (see com- ) + crescere "to grow" (see crescent ). A logicians' term until meaning began to expand 1600s. Noun sense of "building material made from cement, etc." is first recorded 1834.

Lyrically, the album is based around Grohl's thoughts about the future of the United States - "politically, personally, as a father, an American and a musician". [12] While the lyrics were written to vent Grohl's political frustrations, the album lyrics themselves are not overtly-political. [14] Grohl also stated an overall theme of the album was “hope and desperation”. [25] "The Sky Is a Neighborhood" and "T-Shirt" represent a more bleak worldview by Grohl's, the two songs showing his concern for the future of humanity, and desire for escapism, respectively. [12] The election and presidency of Donald Trump [26] was cited as a huge influence of Grohl's negativity, with Grohl stating:

Note: Frankly, were I to interview this man without knowing his history, I'd think he was a perfectly sane and well-adjusted individual who happens to be quadriplegic. As it is, I have to conclude that he's the ultimate proof of the idea that the mind rules the body. He thinks he's concrete, and will live forever, and so he's as close to both as he can be. Somehow. Dr. █████

( third-person singular simple present concretes, present participle concreting, simple past and past participle concreted)

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In climates with colder winters, such as Melbourne or the southern highlands of NSW, the deep ground temperature is too low to allow passive solar heating to be effective enough. In these locations, slabs should be insulated underneath, which reduces the amount of heat required to achieve comfortable temperatures. In northern Australia, ground coupling still works well, unless the building is to be air conditioned, in which case insulating the slab — especially the edges — is essential.

Obviously, I’m very grateful to him for reaching out to me and for that type of ability to represent my hometown, like, that was crazy. So we went to the studio … I fell in love from the jump.

Various - Concrete Music Bloc Vol. IV Oct. '94Various - Concrete Music Bloc Vol. IV Oct. '94Various - Concrete Music Bloc Vol. IV Oct. '94Various - Concrete Music Bloc Vol. IV Oct. '94