The grass roots the grassroots the river is wide

A further example of grassroots in the 1980s was the Citizens Clearinghouse for Natural Waste, an organization that united communities and various grassroots groups in America in support of more environmentally friendly methods of dealing with natural waste. The movement focused especially on African American communities and other minorities. It sought to bring awareness to those communities, and alter the focus from moving problematic waste to changing the system that produced such waste. The movement is considered grassroots because it utilized strategies that derived their power from the affected communities. For example, in North Carolina, African American communities lay down in front of dump trucks to protest their environment impact. The success of these movements largely remains to be seen. [13]

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Malcolm X described the field Negros, who he said were the majority of slaves on a plantation. The field Negro lived in a shack, wore raggedy clothes, and ate chittlins . He hated his owner. If the owner's house caught fire, the field Negro prayed for wind. If the owner got sick, the field Negro prayed for him to die. If somebody suggested to the field Negro that he escape, he would leave in an instant. [10]

The Grass Roots The Grassroots The River Is WideThe Grass Roots The Grassroots The River Is WideThe Grass Roots The Grassroots The River Is WideThe Grass Roots The Grassroots The River Is Wide