Annie mac - annie mac's high 5 mix

Last year, the Killers announced reissues of 2006’s  Sam’s Town (for its 10th anniversary) and 2004’s Hot Fuss . They also released a Christmas compilation album called Don’t Waste Your Wishes . Their greatest hits collection, Direct Hits , came out in 2013. (Frontman Brandon Flowers released his last solo album,  The Desired Effect , in 2015.)

"Anybody my age turning on MTV and seeing Annie Lennox sing 'Sweet Dreams' — that was enough right there," says Rob Thomas. "There was something so soulful in the way she sang songs like 'Walking on Broken Glass.' " Lennox combines a childhood love of Motown with an operatically powerful voice — crystalline in tone, yet sultry. She introduced R&B to New Wave with Eurythmics, and in her solo career, she invented a sort of New Age soul, based around shimmering synths, horn blasts and, most important, layer upon layer of that voice. "Annie is amazingly versatile," says Thomas. "She can sound like a beautiful angel — or she can make it sound like she's gargling glass. A great singer is somebody who makes you believe what they're saying, and you always believe Annie."

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MAC doesn’t use advertising to drive their sales. They don’t try to talk people into buying their cosmetics. Instead, most of their sales are driven by their celebrity endorsements (professional makeup artists, models and celebrities alike), constant word-of-mouth promotion and continued loyalty of current clients. The brand is sold in over 50 countries around the world.

Annie Mac - Annie Mac's High 5 MixAnnie Mac - Annie Mac's High 5 MixAnnie Mac - Annie Mac's High 5 MixAnnie Mac - Annie Mac's High 5 Mix