Brick walls - tin drum

The wooden framing in walls, called studs, are typically spaced 16 inches apart. You can locate studs with an electronic stud finder that detects the nails that hold the wall covering to the studs. If you don't own this handy device, you can measure 16 inches from a corner of the room and begin knocking the wall with your knuckles. If the wall sounds more solid at a point exactly 16 inches from the corner, there's a stud there; you'll most likely find other studs, spaced in increments of 16 inches from the first, along the length of the wall. If you hear a hollow sound at a point 16 inches from the corner, go to the opposite end of the wall, measure 16 inches, and knock. You'll probably find a stud there, because carpenters always space studs from one end of the wall or the other.

You can collect styrofoam before it is thrown away or after. The easiest way to collect a lot of styrofoam is to arrange with appliance stores to keep it for you. Appliances from radios to refrigerators are packaged with blocks of styrofoam that go straight to the dump. Stores are happy to let you save them the hassle of disposing of the stuff. You can also find lots of styrofoam litter on the side of the road and in village dumps. If the styrofoam you collect is greasy – for example, old food containers – make a large drum full of soapy water and stir them around in it. Rinse well.

Brick Walls - Tin DrumBrick Walls - Tin DrumBrick Walls - Tin DrumBrick Walls - Tin Drum