Mississippi heat - glad you're mine

Our delicious Mississippi Sin Ham Sliders are going to make a regular appearance at this year’s festivities. These easy sliders are a delicious new variation on the addictively-good Mississippi Sin Dip with chopped ham that so many people know and love.  (I predict both kids and grown-ups in any crowd will love these melty, cheesy ham sandwiches!)

GLAD YOU’RE MINE was awarded first prize by the “German Music Critic’s Award” (PREIS DER DEUTSCHEN SCHALLPLATTENKRITIK), Berlin, 2006.

He says stopping hod no real connection with that award, or with the sponsor reneging on paying the band S1, toward a record deal. He said he knew he couldn't continue emotionally, that he needed to put words to his non-verbal experiences of alienation. It was then he made a clear and formal decision to study existentialism, Jewish and Christian Theology; and made psychology his career path. He was especially drawn to Jewish theologian-philosopher Martin Buber and to Albert Schweitzer, whose writings were instrumental in Lacocque making sense of his life, and with affirming his family's values he says "I always knew were right," including equality, being considerate of others, and the mystery and beauty in connecting with people. Longtime Mississippi Heat drummer Kenny Smith says those values are apparent to the members of the band, adding: "He is one of the most genuine guys I know. He takes the time to understand you as a hu-man being and cares about EVERY musician on AND off the bandstand.

Mississippi Heat - Glad You're MineMississippi Heat - Glad You're MineMississippi Heat - Glad You're MineMississippi Heat - Glad You're Mine